It's sunday. Now what happened since last sunday?

Installer news, daily Manjaro, KDE CE Unboxings, PineTalk and more. Commentary in italics.

Software development and releases

Worth noting

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KDE CE Unboxing corner

Stuff I did


I made one video, it's called "Unboxing the Purism Librem 5 Evergreen", watch it on

I published a two matching blog posts, where I share my first thoughts and show what the device looks like when photographed. I will do more Librem 5 content soon, but I want to take my time to form a proper opinion on this device.


I also played with Signal clients unsuccessfully and managed to get Discord running in Anbox.


The App List now links this blog and vice versa. That aside, an addition and some maintenance happened. Not much happened sadly, as I was too busy with PineTalk and the Librem 5 (and only managed to add things to the tasks list, but immychan thankfully contributed a new game to the games list. Please do contribute!