It's sunday. Now what happened since last sunday?

New distribution releases, a new p-boot-demo and more. Commentary in italics.

Software releases and improvements

  • Arch Linux ARM/DanctNIX mobile has seen a new release this sunday, which brings a lot of minor updates that affect multitasking (swipe up to close an app) and convergence fixes, that should improve the overall experience quite a bit.
  • Manjaro have released some new builds: Phosh beta 3, Lomiri Alpha 2. For videos of these releases, see below. And if you are looking for newer Plasma Mobile images, make sure to check the Resources page.
  • Megi has released a new version of his p-boot-demo image, featuring updated (although already partially outdated) distributions. Most impressive are the improvements to p-boot, the privacy mode is really quite something and way more useful than the DIP switches. Also great: Booting to eMMC (meaning you don't need to remove the SD card to go back to your main OS) and the integration of JumpDrive, which is helpful if you want to copy files from your computer over USB by just plugging the PinePhone (aside from it's main use of installing distributions to the eMMC/internal storage).

Worth reading

Worth watching

Manjaro videos

p-boot-demo section

Game corner

PinePhone mainboard upgrade section

Stuff I did



Not much happened here, just managed to add some apps. The game-split is going to eventually happen.