It's sunday. Now what happened since last sunday?

Autofocus support, further Lomiri images and more. Commentary in italics.

Software releases and improvements

  • megapixels 0.10.2 landed with autofocus support. You are going to need a proprietary firmware and kernel support to be able to take advantage of this. Danct12 made this work on Arch Linux ARM, but I am too bad at using darktable to judge the results. Still: This progress is amazing!
  • Manjaro released further Alpha 1 builds of their Lomiri spin for the PinePhone. These include a different variant of the maliit keyboard, which supports GTK apps. This change broke my install, and on the new install my fix to remove the shadow that pushes GTK apps down and to the right refuses to work. Also, GDK_SCALE=2 still has no effect. Plasma Mobile apps still need individual launcher-file adjustment, because setting the Qt environment variables globally messes up the Lomiri parts which apparently work different – I wonder whether good Unity 8/Lomiri documentation regarding scaling exists somewhere.

Worth reading

Worth watching

Unboxing corner

Convergence Corner

Stuff I did

I had a lot on my list and did not get much done, aside from a video on Anbox on Manjaro Phosh. This drought in creativity and content creation may continue throughout the next two weeks.