It's sunday. Now what happened since last sunday?

libhandy 1.0, MMS, a new camera app, new Manjaro images and much more. Commentary in italics.

Software releases and improvements

Other hardware

  • The YARH.IO MKI, a "fully hackable and custamizable Raspberry Pi based handheld, running Raspberry Pi OS and supporting all other Operating Systems available for Raspberry Pi" has been announced. It is a little 'meh', but then I don't think it's aiming at the same niche the PinePhone does. If you want a handheld with ports, and love the Raspberry Pi platform, this might be for you.

Worth reading

Worth watching

What did I do?

I played with a few things:

  • I uploaded another video showing Anbox, this time on Arch Linux ARM on sunday evening,
  • and tried a few more Android apps later (Slide would run fine later this week),
  • I tried the 20200909 Manjaro Lomiri image and was quite impressed with their progress,
  • I liked Megis p-boot image,
  • I tried to build Quickddit, a reddit client for Ubuntu Touch, on Arch Linux ARM and made it almost work (I did not manage to login into my Reddit account. I also looked into building other software created for Ubuntu Touch, namely KeePit, uNav and Dekko, but these either failed for reasons I could not figure out or have a different build process and require more dependencies. Especially Dekko seems likely to be a tough nut to build. Just check the "clickable.json" files in the project repos to get an idea how the software is actually built.

I also spent some time on web development. This blog is going to move to different hosting (suggestions still welcome) in the next two weeks and will switch from Jekyll to Hugo. With that switch, the LINMOBapps app list, which now lists 165 apps, will have it's item in the navbar. The App Directory is also still in its planning phase, and I hope to apply the learnings of moving this website over to Hugo to the process.