Another week passed: A new Squeekboard release, Dual Screen PinePhone thanks to 3D printing, Phosh on Yocto and Genode for PinePhone progress!

Software releases

  • Squeekboard (the Phosh keyboard) has had another release, adding layouts, a debug mode and better errors among other things.

Worth noting

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Software progress


Interface overview

Non-Linux PinePhone development

Tongue in Cheek

Plain Marketing Year in Review

  • Purism: [Year End Update for 2021, Looking Forward to 2022](Year End Update for 2021, Looking Forward to 2022)

PinePhone First Impressions

Worth listening

Worth watching

Software progress

PinePhone Usability

PinePhone Pro Unboxing and First Boot

Ubuntu Touch Plaza

  • UBports: Ubuntu Touch Q&A 114. The last Q&A of 2021: Featuring MMS improvements, magnetometer progress in 16.04 and more, all going into OTA 21 today; camera permissions following later. Focal gets meta-packages among other things, moving forward. Lomiri Debian packaging is moving forward as well. Also, new apps and some community questions.
  • Crypto Contrarian Concierge: Ubuntu touch smartphone Linux ubports in 2021. Um, yeah.

Virtual Conference Talks

JingPad corner


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Stuff I did




LINMOBapps and Linux Phone Apps

This week four apps were added:

  • Whale, a very simple file explorer using Kirigami;
  • Hash-o-Matic, a simple hash validator allowing to compare two files, generate the checksum of a file and verify if a hash matches a file;
  • Kompass, a compass application for plasma mobile, and
  • Wifi2QR, a tiny GTK utility to display QR codes to easily connect to any Wifi for which a NetworkManager connection profile exists.

There's plenty back log to still work through, but the momentum is promising. :D

Read here what (else) happened on LINMOBapps this week. And please do contribute!