7 Days in Linux Phones: PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition will be up for order soon, distro releases and Calls and Chatty developments, the Framebufferphone project, Meltemi (one Nokia Linux project that never saw the light of day) on camera and more!

Software releases



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PINE64 Community Update

Software progress

  • KDE blog: KDE Gear 21.12. Convergence, right? Most of these apps are desktop apps, but some work on Mobile too.
  • This Week in GNOME: #22 Spring Time…?. The same caveat applies here. Great that NewsFlash is being ported to libadwaita and GTK4!
  • danigm: Loop: A simple music application. I added it to LinuxPhoneApps.org last week, and now it's on Flathub!

Purism Development

PinePhone vs. Librem 5

  • Amos B. Batto: Comparing the Librem 5 USA and PinePhone Beta. Just a warning: Firefox’s reading mode claims reading this takes 88 to 112 minutes, Miniflux claims it's only 66 minutes, so be sure to have some time on your hands. That said, there's a lot of good info in there. There are a few caveats I have to apply though: Mobian (it appears weird that Amos is still using Bullseye here, BTW!), while a great project with a really helpful wiki, is on the slow side of PinePhone distributions – while this does not make a significant difference in benchmarks, e.g. postmarketOS or Arch IMHO just feel faster.

Mobile shell comparison

Fun projects

Install tutorial

For (aspiring) developers

Pinephone Keyboard – p-boot landscape mode

Cereal Serial Access


History lesson

Current Desktop Things

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PINE64 Community Update

New hardware meeting old software

Hardware fun

Keyboard fun

PinePhone reviews

PinePhone (Pro) gaming

Conference Talks

  • OpenAlt: Jozef Mlich: Nemomobile. You may have watched this when it was streamed. If you haven't, go watch it now :)

Sailfish + Waydroid


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Nothing, again. I did not manage to write my "Abandoning the Zola approach to LinuxPhoneApps" post. Maybe I'll manage to do so in the coming week.

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