This week in Linux Phones: Android 12 coming to PinePhone, NemoMobile 0.7, Ubuntu Touch OTA 20, postmarketOS on the Pocket P.C., and more!

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Hardware: RISC-V on Phones and Tiny Intel Convertibles


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I've played with Sxmo 1.6.0 and Nemo Mobile 0.7 this week, and what shall I say: Both are really smooth. Do give them a try.

LINMOBapps and Linux Phone Apps

This week I added

  • Space Launch, a GTK/libhandy app that tracks rocket launches.

Read here what (else) happened on LINMOBapps this week. And please do contribute!


This should have been included last week (it is now), but since it was added so late it's in here, two. Just subscribe to these podcasts so that you don't have to rely on me!