This Week in Mobile Linux: Phosh 0.14.0 delivers a bunch of quality of life improvements, Maemo Leste shares a massive progress report, Jolla present Sailfish OS 4.3.0 and more! Commentary in italics.

Software releases

  • Phosh 0.14 has been released, delivering launch splash support, media player widget improvements, a wifi hotspot mode indicator and music player pausing on headphone disconnect. Its also making the mobile friendly launcher feature more understandable by adding a "Show all apps" toggle, alongside other visual improvements `scale-to-fit has been reworked so that it seems to work with proper app IDs (e.g. scale-to-fit org.gnome.Evolution on instead of scale-to-fit evolution on previously).
  • GNOME Calls 41.1 is out, delivering multiple important fixes.

Worth noting

Worth reading

Software progress

PINE64 Announcements

  • PINE64: October Update Follow-up. Great to see the keyboard accessory being available soon! Now stop teasing and take my money! Also, I am delighted to hear that "new PineTalk is doing great, it's well deserved!

Repair reports

Tiny SBCs for fun projects

Purism and repairability

Worth listening

Worth watching

PinePhone Pro

App Videos

Sailfish OS




Stuff I did


None :( Well, I went live last thursday, but I likely won't manage to edit the recording any time soon. The "Linux Phone Setup" post is still in the works (and already quite long), I hope to finish it this week. I also plan to update this post to reflect the changes Phosh 0.14.0 brings.


LINMOBapps and Linux Phone Apps

Nothing, sadly. This is what happens when you wind down for annual celebratorial live events (and have a lot to do at the day job): You get nothing done!