Yet Another week in Linux Phones: Kernel progress for the Librem 5, UNISOC and old Tegra SoCs, Plasma Mobile Dev builds with Modem Manager; Nemo Mobile progress videos, Matrix news, new releases of Numberstation, phoc and DanctNIX and more! Commentary in italics.

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PinePhone Pro multi boot

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App recommendations

  • Gamey: PINEPHONE: Matrix clients on Linux Phones!. Great post by Gamey! BTW, if you want to use Hydrogen as a web app on Phosh, just install it in GNOME Web (Epiphany) as a web app. While that's generally not super fast, performance is good enough with Hydrogen.

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Making of the PinePhone Pro introduction video

Now for something completely different: VR and Matrix

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Using Desktop Software on Phones

Software Defined Radio experiments

PinePhone for remote working?

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Stuff I did


None :(


  • I tried to get into Memes.
  • I was kindly invited to join another podcast for one episode. More on this once the episode is out!


Activity has continued on the low level it reached last week. I've added one app:

  • Phosh Antispam, a program that monitors Gnome calls and automatically hangs up depending on the user's preferences. Extremely useful if spam callers bug you. Once more great work by kop316!

Read here what (else) happened on LINMOBapps this week. And please do contribute!

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Nothing, sadly.