This week in Linux Phones: Nemo Mobile and Mobile NixOS progress reports, updates on Kalendar, KQuickImageEdior and some GNOME apps, a guide to PinePhone Privacy, yet more cross-compilation, a cool new podcast and many PinePhone videos! Commentary in italics.

Worth noting

  • The newly announced FairPhone 4 can apparently already boot postmarketOS!
  • Purism sent another email to Librem 5 backers (including me), telling buyers to expect further delays.

Worth reading

Software progress

Distro progress

Hardware repair


Off topic, but a fun read


Worth listening

Worth watching

Librem 5

Current Manjaro

postmarketOS ports


Conference talks


Stuff I did


I played with Swmo (Sxmo, but Wayland), and wrote a little blog post about it - right on the PinePhone running Swmo.

I have also started to write a post detailing my current Linux Phone setup, as my post from January is slightly outdated. I hope to be done with it before the next weekly update.


I did next to nothing here (I wasted some time unsuccessfully trying to build one app), but at least accepted a merge request. Thank you so much, Ferenc! Read here what (else) happened on LINMOBapps this week. And please do contribute!

Linux Phone Apps

Still only thoughts, the planned "let's do something on saturday" action was cancelled due to not feeling too well.