A rather dull seven days have gone by: GNOME (Calls) 41 has been released, join Jolla's 10th birthday party, Waydroid in OpenSUSE, how to cross compile for Plasma Mobile development, two new podcast episodes worth listening to (with chapter markers on Linux Phones), and a video shortage?! Commentary in italics.

Software releases

  • GNOME Calls 41 has been released. The major new feature is a UI to manage SIP accounts and the ability to place and receive SIP calls from the dial pad. Read the full release notes for more details. This is in line with GNOME 41's release, which might bring some progress regarding upstream mobile compatibility. Stay tuned for more on that topic.
  • Chatty 0.4.0 has also been released, delivering quite a few changes. Note that this release does not deliver MMS or Matrix functionality just yet, but with all the underlying changes, things are definitely moving forward.

Worth noting

Worth reading

Hardware news

Software progress



Qt 6 development

  • Qt Dev Loop: QML Modules in Qt 6.2. If you want to get your hands wet with Qt 6 QML apps, this should be an interesting read.

Worth listening

  • postmarketOS: #9 PBP, RP64, ModemManager, Phosh customization, Principles. Great show! Make sure to stay on for the end: Principles may sound boring, but they matter a lot.
  • PineTalk: S2E01: PineTalk News - Season 2 Introductions. Glad to see PineTalk make a come back, as two separate shows in one feed created by two teams! While I am usually not a fan of Seasons in Podcasting, it makes sense here, and it's a great listen - although, minor nitpick, more shownoty shownotes whould be great! I am very much looking forward to how this goes on.

Worth Watching

Caleb at Linaro

Kubernetes Corner

Sad, sarcastic stuff

  • Twinntech: pinephone battery Amazing. Something is seriously wrong with his setup there. This sounds way worse than it used to be before CRUST landed. Quality sarcasm though.

Shorts of postmarketOS


Stuff I did


This week I've been finally tackling the "overhaul" milestone, and also added two new columns that should hopefully help enticing contributions to LINMOBapps/LinuxPhoneApps going forward. All that aside, one new app, contributed by it's developer, Hank Greenburg, was added:

  • Elephant Remember, an app that's basically a work around for GNOME Calendar for Mobian and potentially other distributions. Thank you very much, Hank!

Because of a few apps being archived (don't worry, they are going to show up on LinuxPhoneApps too), the total app count of apps.csv is now at 309.

Read here what (else) happened on LINMOBapps this week. And please do contribute!

Linux Phone Apps

We now have a roadmap, although I am not so sure of "the current template is likely to not change too much" while writing these lines. I think I am going to have to look into metainfo.xml/appdata.xml conversions to TOML first (at least for a bit), and consider what to make of the result to make sure that this is going to be actually true. Not to do step 2 before step 2, but I think that before 1.3 (csv->toml) is approached, there should at least be an idea how things are going to work out. After all, reducing the load of having to monitor listed apps is one key goal of this whole endeavour.