It's Wednesday again! Now what happened since last Wednesday?

Megapixels with more contrast, easy installable Waydroid on DanctNIX and postmarketOS, Librem 5 pricing increases and more! Commentary in italics.

Software releases

Worth noting

Worth reading

Software progress

Sad developments


Needs title#

Qt 6 development

PINE64 Community Update

Worth listening

Worth Watching

PINE64 Community Update

Ubuntu Touch Q&A

  • UBports: Ubuntu Touch Q&A 108. It's totally worth watching it, but I somehow lost my notes, so I can't give much info here.

Librem 5 corner

Distro walktroughs

PinePhone impressions

Sailfish OS Corner



Stuff I did


  • I wrote a blog post about the new features of GNOME Software 41.


  • I wanted to write about the recent Purism Email, but did not manage to find the time and patience to write something meaningful that's not a rant. While I am glad that Purism are able to recommence shipping regular Librem 5s, the announced pricing increases are (while likely necessary for business reasons, as delays are costly) essentially removing the phone from meaningful further adoption.


The following app was added in the past week, pushing the app count to 313:

Read here what (else) happened on LINMOBapps this week. And please do contribute!

Linux Phone Apps

Because of a very busy week White Noise Mobian is not yet listed on the new place. But at least the app listings have now reached "feature parity" and the app overview page has more information on individual apps.