It's Wednesday again! Now what happened since last Wednesday?

Experimental MMS support landing in Manjaro, libhandy 1.4.0, NemoMobile needs translators and more! Commentary in italics.

Software releases

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Software cataloguing

Quectel EG-25 G Information

  • Dylan van Assche: PinePhone modem myths. Dylan is the guy that made instant wake-up from sleep on incoming calls happen. I am pretty sure he knows what he's talking about.

Luxury Linux Phones

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Stuff I did

Website improvements

  • I have been working on my Minimola theme, which now has a search feature on the Archive and the 404 page and also should be slightly better in terms of documentation.
  • Speaking of search features: This is a major issue with LinuxPhoneApps: Due to the current design of the app pages (which only consist of front matter, rendered by a page template, the search (as it currently works) does not find any apps. This is a blocking issue: Either we'll find a way to search the front matter properly, or we are going to have to find a different approach for the individual pages, as proper search is a must. I've outlined my current ideas, but if you have better or different ideas please comment on the issue or send an email.
  • That aside, I have been working on more informative taxonomy overview pages, see the one for Kirigami as an example. The (still terrible) "app cards" (that list the apps) are one of the next things I am going to work on.

Random tinkering

  • I've been building Chatty (for Matrix and MMS, more on that next week) and Calls (for VoIP, it works!) from git to see what's coming soon,
  • signed up to a proprietary service to test the GTK4/libadwaita release of Spot (it works great!),
  • I've been creating one more MR on a PinePhone software project this week.


The following app was added in the past week, pushing the app count to 312:

It's also listed at the new place.

Read here what (else) happened on LINMOBapps this week. And please do contribute!