It's Wednesday again! Now what happened since last Thursday?

GTK 4.4, GSoC reports, Cutie Shell, Maemo Leste phone calls and more! Commentary in italics.

Software releases

Worth noting

Worth reading

Software progress

  • GTK Development Blog: GTK 4.4. Having run 4.3.2 for a few weeks, I can confidentally attest that 4.4.0 is quite the improvment over 4.2.*.
  • This Week in GNOME: #6 Sharing, Caring. _The audiobook player Cozy now supports phones properly, GNOME Podcasts gets important improvements and progress on the messenger front with Telegrand and Fractal Next!
  • Janet Blackquill: Way More Than A Week In Tok. Impressive!

GSoC progress reports

Pure(OS) Propaganda

  • Purism: Librem 5 Getting Faster With Age. Do read this, despite the headline I put above this, and watch the video, also linked below. BTW: The same is true for the PinePhone, and I have had the idea to do a similar video in February – for August (which is now, but I might actually do this in September). The Year Over Year improvement is quite impressive. But: What does this mean? Is it just, that the devices and their mainline kernels and user-space software just weren't ready way back when? Or is it an actual improvement that can continue, and the hardware is going to feel faster (in a way that's benchmarkable) in a year from now? How does this compare to vendor-kernel land, where a kernel is cobbled together and then it's mostly security patches, if anything? I can't quite say, but I am glad that there's progress, and I generally hope we'll achieve longer device lifetimes with Linux Phones.

Yet another Phone Shell

Software landscaping

Developer relations

  • PINE64: DevZone rollout. _Initially, this is for the PineNote eInk tablet only, but it will be for

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Byzantium awesomeness

Various PinePHne videos

GPL enforcement fun


3D printed PDA fun

Stuff I did


  • has made a little bit of progress (one more app, one issue closed). Also, let me thank you for this contribution, Serranya!
  • I also did go did something Firefox related. The change is not just visual, I am also changing the User Agent here. There's one particularily annoying bug: When Squeekboard is activated, the tab switcher shows up below Squeekboard – I don't know how whether/how this could be fixed with more CSS or JS, but then I don't quite know what I am doing anyway ;-)


The following app was added in the past week, pushing the App count to 311:

  • Gtkeddit, a GTK4 Reddit client written in C++.

It's also listed at the new place.

Read here what (else) happened, as I did some maintenance on other app listings. As with, progress with LINMOBapps will likely be even slower in the coming week, but I will happily accept Merge Requests! So please do contribute!