Plans for further A910 development

I don't have too much time, no. But I want the A910 to become popular (as it is quite cheap and does well as a Linux WiFi phone now), this is why I decided yesterday that I will try to spend some time at A910 “testing” firmware every week and rollout a weekly release on Wednesday. Why Wednesday? It's just the best day, I guess—of course I will not create that firmware on Wednesday, but while the weekend—it shouldn't be to hard to have a working version on Wednesday. 

If you want to get informed every wednesday about “testing” release—just leave me your e-mail address. And if you're afraid about loosing your data everytime—I will try to include a working backup/restore solution in my next release. Loosing data every time is too anoying for me, and I think it is for you as well.

Well, lets leave this topic now. Today I tried to cross-compile “vpnc” (just scroll down if you want to know, what it is / I will not integrate it into my firmware, because it is too big, but I think of releasing it as mpkg if there is demand). I can't say that it works (will have to test this tomorrow), but at least cross-compiling was successful—on first attempt. Maybe I'll port some apps ;)

There is another task for me: Become more familiar to Linux, shell-scripting and programming—it would be the best to work on this every day, but this does not seem possible to me—I want to try to improve my knowledge a little bit every week.

At the end I have got on advise: Make sure to have a look at the OpenEZX project, as one of their developers works on A910—he does great work. And running a completely free and open system on this cellphone sounds very good and preferable to me.

With hindsight (May 2021):

I am not sure for how many weeks this plan lasted. Maybe for two weeks, but I am pretty sure it wasn't for much longer.