Just a few links, not too exiting—apparently the major announcements of MWC have happened already.


NEC LifeTouch Note, Android laptop, Japan only,  1GHz nVIDIA Tegra2 dual core, 7” WVGA touch screen, Android 2.2 (Froyo): JKKmobile, CrunchGear (What's really stupid about this thing: This device has a back-facing 2 MP camera—would have been much more useful if it was front facing (think of video chat))


nVIDIA Tegra “Kal El” (Tegra3), Quad Core 1,5GHz “ARM madness”, said to be about as fast as the (first) Core2Duo—first products shall be out at the end of this year (engadget).
If you are interested in other ARM SoC solutions, that are in par with solutions already on the market, head over to ARMdevices.net

That's about it, I guess—Intel AppUp Developer Day took place today and it was all about MeeGo from what I hear, and it was completely full—so there are still people interested in MeeGo (or they just wanted to grab ExoPC Hardware..)—it might be more than a dead duck in a swampy pond, e.g. a rising star.

Besides that, it leaked out that Microsoft won't allow any GPLv3 (or compatible licenses) licensed software on Windows Phone 7.