Introduction: Motorola A910 is a Linux Phone which features WiFi for UMA purposes. The problem with this WiFi is, that it only works with certain networks. As (most) software for Motorola E2 works, I checked out lots of sites to learn about modifying firmware.

Yesterday I started to work on A910 again, after I was off for a week, meeting parents and grandparents. As I luckily found someone, who gave me a few firmware files for A910, I extracted the codegroups and had a look at them on Linux. The probably most interesting one is CG43, as it contains the main file system, /bin/, /lib/, SYSqtapp—but I'll get back to this in some days, when I have my phone flashed to an own firmware, which I want to include some of the modifications some freaks made for Motorola ROKR E2. But this might take some time, as I have to prepare for some exams at university.

CG42 contains /usr/setup/, and there is a file called “ezx_wlan.cfg”. Line 4 of this file contains the following text:

WiFiUIConnectUMAN = 1</blockquote>

Maybe changing the value here is an easy way to full WiFi connectivity. I'll try, as soon as I am sure how to do that without killing the handset.