First: It's amazing, my MR (well, plural) got merged already! Thanks user0 and ollieparanoid! I figured it might be important to get to a sane setup early on.

After all, as I don't work with code regularily, I am not very clever with this. The following may still be bad advice, I just read a few forum thread (I'll happily incorporate future feedback), but I figured I should first set up my local git repo properly.

I figured that I, as I also try to get things I fix into user0's fork, should set up one working repo of my own with multiple remotes.

  • origin is my codeberg repo, as codebergs web interface is less annoying on slower devices - I'll push all my attempts there,
  • gitlab is my gitlab repo, where I'll push my working branches that target upstream,
  • upstream is postmarketOS/mobile-config-firefox
  • and user0 is user0's mobile-config-firefox repo, the upstream of the fenix branch.

This way, I have it all in one. Before I start a feature branch, I will have to remember to pull master and fenix from their respective upstreams - and do work in separate branches, if an issue affects both. I then should update my two repos.

Also, testing. I figure I should test my changes on

  • current ESR to avoid regressions,
  • current release,
  • future release (beta, dev, nightly) - one of those, depending on availability for aarch64.

The 'future release' may be hard, as it could be challenging to obtain builds for aarch64. I am not sure what's available beyond the Snap, assuming it actually works - I've had two "arm64 Snaps" that then would not run, due to being actually amd64/x86_64 so far in my "app testing" endeavours.

And, I think providing before/after screenshots with larger MRs may make sense.

Aside from the yak shaving, the only contribution done since the last post was this comment on an open issue.

See you soon!