This is the first post in an attempt to start a series of blog posts about how one works through making something work, inspired by flypig and piggz.

It's about a project I contributed to earlier, mobile-config-firefox.

I believe mobile-config-firefox is a really important project for #MobileLinux, and am I at least close to the skill-level necessary to make improvements to it. Also, there's no need to re-invent the wheel, as there's plenty in user0's branch that deserves to land in distributions. The goal of this endeavour is to bring improvements to mobile-config-firefox, that make it so that Firefox ESR 128 is well supported when Mozilla releases it on July 9th, 2024.

All this project takes is taking the time to experiment, test, and keeping at it until one makes it work. In fact, I already started with a tiny MR to fix an issue - please take the time to read the MR and the issue.

The process to come up with this MR was iterative. First, I saw and read the issue, obviously. I then figured out how to hide the translation button in the URL bar, which was super easy - it showed up in the window I was debugging. I then considered it smart to also hide the picture-in-picture button in the URL (if you disagree, chime in on the MR, btw). This was trial-and-error guesswork, that worked at first try - fortunately Mozilla used a sane and obvious CSS ID here.

And that's it for today - come back next time, it will likely be something else from the issue tracker.