Sometimes things just work out well; and you can fix things quickly.

The Date picker

In the previous installment of this series, I had written

I will try to tackle HTML date picker calendar view missing 7th column. (#63) first.

and ... I did, and could not resist sharing a spoiler on Mastodon.

I've since made a pull request to fix this issue (+ one more, fenix specific issue) on Codeberg, that tackles the issue slightly differently, with less lines of code; and I will likely propose a similar fix for upstream soon (I've decided to set up commit signing first.).

... and other Popups

As quick successes are always highly motivating, I kept at it. And I managed to find a fix for the issues that I found most annoying personally: Popup menus that do not open properly.

/* Making menus usable again */
.panel-viewstack {
    height: 100vh !important;
    max-height: calc(100vh - 100px) !important;

This change makes the protections menu (shield icon) and the site information menu (padlock icon) and the unified extensions menu (puzzle icon) open properly on mobile.

Combined with a some code from user0's awesome fenix branch, you can use addon menus properly, too - it often requires horizontal and vertical scrolling to reach all the buttons, but hey: Usable addons!

Call for Feedback

That said, I would like to get some feedback on this, before I submit the MR (I will take the time to describe better, what the code does and set up commit signing, I promise).

So, here's a visual:

Interested? You may/should try it for yourself:

$ git clone
$ cd mobile-config-firefox
$ git checkout experiment-panels
$ make 
$ sudo make FIREFOX_DIR=/usr/lib/firefox-esr install

If you are using current Firefox instead of Firefox ESR, change the last line to:

$ sudo make install

Please leave your feedback by replying to the post on fosstodon or via email, thank you!

Closing words

What's next, aside from finishing this up, after hopefully having had some feedback? Likely boring issue reading, as outlined in the previous post. It may be tuesday before this series continues.

See you then!