It's sunday. Now what happened since last sunday? That has been the tag line for the "weekly update" for quite a while. It won't be for next LinBits.

I have been thinking about changes to "LinBits" for the past months, as I was not really happy with many of my updates content. They often not only felt hastily put together, they actually were a race against a ticking clock.

Why the old timing had its problems

The weekend is my main period of social interaction, which leads to delays and sometimes even conflict which do make the update worse. I knew: I should move it, but Friday and Saturday are not an option. Monday or Tuesday? Nope, I record a podcasts in the evening on these days, alternating by week. Thursday is when I usually record videos, if I manage to do so. (I managed this week, feel free to check them out.)

Therefore, the new day is going to be wednesday. It feels strange, yes, but it's the best of all the bad options I've had available.

What else should change?

Lately I have been trying to order the articles and videos by additional topical subheadings. This is something I want to pursue further. I also want to change my approach to Comments in italics, and only comment, where that comment actually adds value.

Feedback welcome!

What do you think about this change? Do you have suggestions or ideas, how I could improve LinBits further? Please send me an email or hit me up on Twitter or Mastodon!