It's there

The E2831 arrived today morning.

It's a really thin and light phone, nice to hold in your hand, fingerprinty. The hardware's OK, the software… well, it is nice software, somehow, but it'll be really difficult to install additional software to start in GUI. But there is something, that is even worse: I'm unable to telnet it (up to now at least) - and because of this I'm unable to unlock it.

I believe that an alternative software stack for this device should be relatively easy to create, as QTopia supports the OMAP730 which powers this phone - and the kernel support should be good as well. Only problem: I'm unable to do it, as I am no hacker.


With hindsight (May 2021):

I would not call myself a hacker now, but these Linux Phones have set me on a journey that would enable me to proceed way faster today than I did back then.