Well, I'm pretty sure that you're able to guess, what I did. I just got my self another Linux-based cellphone. Yes, it supports WLan. Correct, it is the E28 E2831.

It isn't here yet, I assume it is on it's way to me from france. Needless to mention I'm exited.

Having had a first look at the devices firmware, I have to say, that applications development for this device will be even more difficult than it is with Motorola's EZX-phones. The applications appear to be packed in *.elf files, and I found no libraries sounding like they would belong to GTK+ or Qt. I found traces of “Montavista”.. but that isn't a real surprise.

The kernel, BTW, is a 2.4.20, and it's a TI OMAP 730 based device.