What is LINMOB.net?

LINMOB.net is a blog on LINux on MOBile devices, that has been around for more than 10 years - on and off. Now, with new exciting products like the Pine64 PinePhone and Purisms Librem 5 scheduled to be shipped later this year, it has come back to report on all things GNU/Linux on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and smaller notebooks.

This site is currently hosted on Framagit.

Who am I?

I am Peter, 36, and have been following Linux on Smartphones for quite some time. My day job has nothing to do with IT. I have a business diploma and my thesis discussed whether Bitcoin has a "fundamental value". If you want to learn more about me, maybe give the first episode of the PineTalk podcast a listen.


I was a co-host for thirteen episodes on the then bi-weekly PineTalk Podcast, a PINE64 community podcast, from January to July 2021. This was pro-bono community work and it should not affect my view on the PINE64 products or competing Linux Phones/handheld devices in any way.

More Content


You can follow updates and shortform related content that is not worth a blog post on Twitter @linmobblog or in the Fediverse @linmob@fosstodon.org.


If you like visual content, make sure to check out my video content1.

App List

I also maintain a list of Apps for GNU/Linux Smartphone distributions at LINMOBapps.frama.io. Work on a better website is going on, you can find the current state at alpha.linuxphoneapps.org.

Why do I do this?

After first trying Linux in the early 2000s, I switched to mostly using Linux around 2005. I was just amazed by all the great Free Software tools. During these years, mobile phones became more interesting: Cameras, colored displays and Smartphones.

Of course I wanted to have all the great tools of my Linux desktop on my phone, too2 Unfortunately, Motorola's EZX phones only shipped a very few native apps. That's why I was very excited when I first heard of OpenMoko.

Unfortunately, OpenMoko eventually failed, unable to ship GTA03, which would have been a massive improvement, fixing most of the flaws of the previous devices. Also, Android took off. Back then, Google felt less problematic to me, and I was glad that it was Android that managed to succeed and not the less user-friendly alternatives like LiMo (which eventually became Tizen) or evil Microsoft's Windows Phone.

Purism's Librem 5 got me really excited when I heard the first rumors before announcement. I backed it in October 2017, and unfortunately Purism's time frame turned out to have been overly optimistic. PINE64 managed to ship their PinePhone earlier, and when I received my first PinePhone I immediately knew that I had to create content about this project and revive this blog.

TL,DR: This is a passion project!

How can I contribute?

First: I am not in this for the money. I do not expect to make even one Dollar or Euro out of this project – I have a day-job, that has nothing to do with what I am working on here, which pays well enough that I can spend my free time and some money on this project.3

If you want to contribute money, please support the people that develop software for the PinePhone and other Platforms, e.g.

If I've missed a great project that has a donation link and should be added here in your opinion, please get in touch.


If you have an idea for an article or have actually written something, you are welcome to send it to me via email. I can't offer payment, but you'll be credited. I am going to get back to you as soon as I can.

App List: LINMOBapps/LinuxPhoneApps.org

See CONTRIBUTING.md or check for open issues for what you could help out with. If you want to help with LinuxPhoneApps, please check the README and the open issues on that project and its subprojects.


Please lend your time to the projects you like, try to communicate in a friendly way and be helpful. There are a million ways to contribute to opensource, by reporting, triaging bugs, by improving documentation or translations. Thanks!

Current Issues with Bing (and Bing-based search engines)

Since May 2021 this website has been delisted by Microsoft Bing (and importantly Bing-based search engines, e.g. ecosia, DuckDuckGo and more). I have appealed this twice without success (seemingly unrelated to that linmob.net was listed again for five days in July), and the second time the process was so dissatisfying that I doubt I'll try again.

So if you use a Bing-based search engine, keep in mind that you won't find my content on it. You can search this site on the archive page if you have JavaScript enabled.


If the audio volume is too low on my older videos on LBRY or YouTube, please check these videos out on PeerTube, where I carefully re-uploaded my videos after increasing the volume.


Bad J2ME app support and horrible platforms like Qualcomm's BREW on BenQ/Siemens phones contributed to this.


If you would like to hire me for a job that is closer to what I am working here, that would still allow me to continue with this, feel free to get in touch.