Why do they always deliver crap?

Sounds bad. But if you ask me, it's even worse. What the h*** he is talking about? Right. Linux software stacks.

There are some companys out there, that are selling Linux powered phones. I know the results of this for Motorola and E28, and, if you want me to be honest, they didn't their best. No SDK, weird platforms… But why?

Some people say, they do it like that, because the operators want it like that. Ok, maybe. But: It's possible to install software on mobile phones powered by Windows Mobile or Symbian.

So what is the reason to cripple nice hardware with a bad software stack, as there are other ways to go (as FIC/OpenMoko and maybe Android show)? Maybe it's to hide security vulnerabilities. Or incompetence.

We should really free these phones.

(I was angry while writing this…)

With hindsight (May 2021):

This post clearly shows some misconceptions I had back then, but it also felt very true. Linux Phones were hold back by their software back then, as numerous open source efforts made painfully obvious.