How OCI images simplify the setup of my Linux tablet.

If you read my post Manjaro Plasma on the Microsoft Surface Go 2, you will notice that quite some configuration is required to turn a desktop Linux distribution into something that's fun on mobile. While none of it is rocket science, it's still work and might not be for the average user who just wants to get their device going with Linux.

So: Is there a way to simplify this?

OCI defined OS

Of course, one option would be to create a specific distribution/Fedora Spin/Ubuntu flavor..., but that's not too easy either. Moreover, it just doesn't scale well. After all, there are so many devices out there and a lot of them require a slightly different setup.

Luckily, there's immutable operating systems and OCI images: Universal Blue has created a toolbox which allows to extend Fedora Silverblue (or Kinoite etc.) through a Containerfile. This is then built in GitHub actions and uploaded to the GitHub Container registry for the world to use.

You can find my take on Fedora 38 Kinoite with Plasma Mobile on


  • Plasma Mobile with Maliit enabled
  • Uncluttered homescreen
  • Convergent Windows
  • SDDM scaling
  • First run wizard with a selection of (KDE) flatpaks to choose from
  • Waydroid


Disclaimer: The whole concept is rather new and will require more testing before it can really go to production. So use at your own risk, as always.

  1. Install Fedora Kinoite, see
  2. Rebase via rpm-ostree rebase
  3. Reboot.


I didn't manage to include some things (yet). If you have any hints, please get in touch on GitHub.

  • The Plasma scaling must be changed manually to 200% in System Settings > Display and Monitor > Display Configuration.
  • Maliit keyboards for languages other than English must be configured via:
gsettings set org.maliit.keyboard.maliit enabled-languages "['en', 'de', 'emoji']"
  • The linux-surface kernel for camera support can be installed via:
wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/linux-surface.repo
rpm-ostree override replace ./*.rpm
rpm-ostree install surface-secureboot
  • Firefox doesn't use Wayland. This can be fixed by setting MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 via Flatseal.
  • Waydroid doesn't open.