My HTC Universal runs with Angstrom again, after a short look at Debian (Titchy Mobile), which I'll use again as soon as there is a working X-Server—because htcunid is a great daemon; phone calls and even GPRS connection are no problem—I tried to integrate it into my Angstrom minimalist GPE image (autobuild unstable), but wasn't successful yet: I didn't notice phone calls, the caller could not hear me and SMS receiving did not work as on debian as well.

So if there will be a working X-Server in Lenny (armel) I'll try to use GPE on top of that, maybe I'll be able to expand my programming knowledge with a nice zenity or pyGTK frontend for htcunid.

And I would be very happy about further kernel development for HTC Universal, if there was someone who could create a working 2.6.25 image—it would be gorgeous—I heard that there is a camera driver available somewhere and that there have been some improvements on PXA support in mainline. I don't have the time and the knowledge to it (if I had the knowledge, it would take me less time and I could do it, I guess).

It is university season again, which means that I have to fill my brain with other things, economics, finance, e-business—and not with sweet little Linux gadgets.

That's the reason for the headline, I think I won't be able to go on with weeklies for A910—as I didn't get any response on my last weekly yet, I feel there is no need for weekly releases—I will work on it when I have the time do that and when I want to do it. I've written a list of things to do, and as far as I am finished with it, I will just release it.

May take some months.