I really like my A910, I use it everyday and I believe it is a great phone - especially for it's low price (used devices, but hey, that does not really matter). Since the WiFi is working, it's even better.

After having stopped to work on A910s firmware around a month ago, I will now go on with that again, as there are still some things to do.

Some fixes will be just done to improve the phone a little bit, e.g. I will clean up some path related things and use a newer version of busybox - there are some other actualization's on my imaginary list. Additionally, i think of other thinks like flexbit editing. I will try whether it's possible to use the writable memory as a place for ezx_flexbit.cfg - would be great to be able to edit it without re-flashing all the time, to figure out which byte does what.

For further development there are plans like compiling a new kernel (based on the published kernel sources) with additional modules and I still dream of a real task manager for the A910.

But one thing is for sure: As far as there is a way to run the phone with a 2.6.* kernel with working phone etc. (does not matter whether Openmoko, QTopia or Android), I will immediately quit any development on the good old Motorola Software ;)