This place has been silent for about 10 months—but now it is being revived. It's not that I didn't blog about tech, I did (at my personal blog but that didn't work out to well, I was really lazy over there.

A few days ago I suddenly remembered this old blog and started with repairing it's layout, which had been broken for quite a long time—and then decided that it would be fun to start “blogging” again, and as I've still been publishing little stupid stories at another place, I realized that the “blogging” I had in mind was tech-blogging. So linmob had to be revived, because this has been the place where I published quite a some tech related things—just for fun.

I am not yet sure how this will turn out, it's possible that I will stop writing here in a year or half a year—I will try to do a good job and thus follow an edititorial plan, which might kill the fun—but doing something without a concept just doesn't feel good to me.

First of all there will be some crossposts from brimborium—I call it filling the gap.

More on the plans I have may follow later on.