I shot and published a video today, which is — among other things — the first part of my "PinePhone as a daily driver" challenge, in which I am currently just trying to solve the most immidiate issues and figure out the most necessary features I would require to use the [PinePhone][https://www.pine64.org/pinephone/] as my primary smartphone.

In a recent post I made up a list.

Now: What would I need?

  • access to my Nextcloud instance,
  • a secure (as in encrypted) storage on the PinePhone/SD Card,
  • a way to open/use my KeePass password database,
  • XMPP+OMEMO messaging (already kind of works),
  • encrypted Matrix chats,
  • GPG encrypted email,
  • a way to open text documents that are not PDF (Abiword still has that --enable-embedded ./configure flag),
  • something usable for org-mode,
  • an application to view maps and my approximate location.

I would also like

  • navigation,
  • a quassel-client,
  • a way to run Android apps (like Threema) if necessary (= working anbox),
  • and a lot more I can't even think of now.

Obviously, this list is nowhere near complete. I would certainly require

  • a camera app for quick "foto notes",
  • an app for listening to podcasts,
  • an app for notetaking,

and a lot more I can't think of now. Many of these are actually almost solved on the PinePhone with Mobian right now:

  • Gnome Password Safe is a decent KeePass-Compatible password manager,
  • the Nextcloud integration via Gnome Online Accounts works, calendar and contacts sync fine,
  • XMPP+OMEMO is a given with Chatty, although the messages my brother sends me are quite often not being successfully decrypted,
  • Fractal is a decent Matrix client, sadly it lacks encryption,
  • Gnome Podcasts seems fine, though it lacks features,
  • the new Gnome Camera app is good enough for just capturing a photo of a quick paper note or similar.

The Maps app, however, has issues and needs work, as you can see in my video: