Today I received the first one of the devices I had ordered earlier, a Palm Pre Plus. While I can't compare that thing to Palm Pre (it's being repaired) I can confirm that the Pre Plus feels better than the original Pre—build quality is better: The slider is snappier and feels more solid, the keyboard is nicer, too.

webOS 2.1.0 is better, too. While booting the device isn't exactly blazing fast, it seems that start up time improved a little bit. Besides that, I have to say that I like the new launcher—and I am pleased by the number of patches that are already available on Preware. While the Browser is better at HTML5 support now, Apps are still not too many, but a stroll throughout the AppCatalog, which is quite comfortable to walk through makes feel that the applications that are there are quite promising—and I am talking about the free ones here.

More soon.