The N9 was announced in Asia while I was sleeping here in Europe. Now I am about to go to bed again, but as I can't do any serious blogging (videos, images) being online over an EDGE network which feels more like GPRS in terms of speed right now, I want to share some thoughts on the N9 and the N950.

The N950, which I didn't really cover here yet on LINMOB, is the device that we saw on leaked images aeons ago (~ 1 year), a device much looking like the Nokia E7: An 4" HWVGA aluminum slab with a slide out, full 4 row QWERTY keyboard. Don't get overly excited about this device if you aren't a developer, as it will be tough to get one then. Read more on this over at, and if you are interested in the actual differences between these two new Nokia Handsets, let me point to this post at

For the non Qt / Linux developing rest of us, there will be the keyboard less, polycarbonate N9, which looks different than the existing Nokia phones, it doesn't resemble the N8 e.g.—I like it … I think I should stop repeating myself, so nothing on the specs here which I haven't posted yet, they are decent, not breathtaking.

Pricing and availability. Not much info on that yet. There are, as I noticed earlier today, indicators that the N9 will only sell in a few countries. (->TheHandheldBlog) Considering the general excitement about this new Nokia product this would be a very sad thing, but Nokia has (from my view as a mobile linux lover) made tons of sad decisions since Steve Elop came aboard.

I already linked you to twice, and I will do it a third time in this post, simply because I totally agree to their comment “With The N9, Nokia Shows The World Its Still Got It".

Last but not least you should watch this video of the presentation (by netbooknews)—I can't right now (EDGE) :(