I just write this how to, as it was quite hard to find an explanation for this.

While mounting cramfs (filesystem of the other codegroups of Motorola firmware, which are Linux related) is quite easy as you can use the loop device, mounting CG35 (/ezx_user/) and CG36 (/ezxlocal/) is rather hard—jffs2 can't be mounted using a simple mount -o loop.

At first you have to be root. On some Linux distributions you can do that by simply entering su and root's password, on Ubuntu you use sudo su and your user password.

Keep in mind that in this howto the codegroup file is cg35.smg, it is stored in /home/user/

mkdir /dev/mtdblock
cd /dev/mtdblock_
mknod 0 b 31 0

modprobe mtdblock

# 32768 = 32 MB
modprobe mtdram total_size=32768
modprobe jffs2

cd /home/user
dd if=./cg35.smg of=/dev/mtdblock/0 bs=0 skip=1
mkdir /mnt/test1
mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock/0 /mnt/test1

# copy files to a folder
mkdir /home/user/cg35
cp -d -r /mnt/test1/ /home/user/cg35/

That's it, now you can edit the files. I did not find out yet how to repack these files; when I know how to do that, I will extend this how to.

Credits go to linuxontour.de.

Addendum: Old comments

Unknown, March 4, 2009 at 5:35 PM

Thanks a lot, when you post how to repack?

Gopi Aravind, January 14, 2010 at 4:13 AM

Command to repack:

mkfs.jffs2 -l -e 0x20000 --pad -r/mnt/usb/ -o my-fs.jffs2

From here: http://plugcomputer.org/plugforum/index.php?topic=29.0