Yesterday night I couldn't sleep, as my neighbours were having a party. So I just tried to merge an A910 flash file with gamas' A910i extractions. I used EZXCodec for that, a software developed for windows to edit firmware which runs well with wine.

As I realized that codegroup sizes differ up to 2 megabytes (CG44 e.g. is ~2MB bigger on A910i) between A910 and A910i, I had to edit CG starting adresses - lots of hex-calculations, and: Flashfile size was OK afterwards. But flashing failed somewhere close to 35% - as far as I remember (I'll have to watch out for some logs of that flashtool).

Now I'll try to contact some people which know more than I do and probably, I'll check for reasons of these CG-filesize differences (analyzing CG contents and configuration files) in my next sleepless nights, but there's one thing I already found out: NeufTV is realized with MPlayer/ZMPlayer as a preloaded Qt app.

Might be I need a real A910i *.sbf (e.g.: R58_G_10.01.378P) file for success.