I sadly did not manage to spend enough time to accomplish anything since the last post titled 'Continuing'. But, still, at least from my experiences with Firefox 127, I am somewhat happy that (unless 128 changes a lot in terms of UI), the next ESR (128) won't be awful for users of mobile distributions shipping mobile-config-firefox.

What would be next, provided I had the time? Besides fixing Private Browsing and keeping track and taking care of changes in Firefox that negatively affect the mobile-config-firefox user experience? (There's one with 127, btw, affecting the hamburger menu.)

I've been thinking a lot about user0's true-mobile-mode over the past months. I absolutely love it in landscape, but in portrait, I am not so sure. Parts of it, like the tab counter, are totally worth having. But is it beneficial to move that into the crowded bottom bar, or should we rather conserve space there and keep it in the tab bar above?

Given that I did not manage to find a way to force new extensions to default to the puzzle-piece unified-extention-menu (and not crowd the bottom bar) or things like the "sometimes there, usually not" downloads menu, I am in favor to keep wasting the ample verticle space in portrait mode, may be inspired by the wasteful space use of Safari on iOS. (Without moving the URL bar to the top, maybe.)

Other than that, all the excellent work by user0 should IMHO land in mobile-config-firefox going forward, while keeping

in mind.

And, as always, there's more: If only scollable Firefox menus were flickable, and did not just have scrollbars... that would great. One can dream, am I right?