I wrote I would write today, so here we go: I hit another bug I noticed last minute.

After the Sxmo lesson last time, I felt quite safe, as I had tested that. This day was quite busy, and so I had not had time to prepare the text. In an attempt for last minute due dilligence, I figured: Lets not look at my notes on the other computer, I'll figure the issues that can be closed by just looking at the issue tracker.

That did not go well. I attempted to confirm Some dialogs do not show up (#40) · Issues · postmarketOS / mobile-config-firefox · GitLab and noticed: Um, that (since the unified extensions menu can no longer be toggled off) somewhat useless Overflow Menu is totally broken. I've since found some kind of a hotfix (hiding #overflowMenu-customize-button helps a lot).

That's it, I'll experiment some more tomorrow, hope to not find further issues and finish the Merge Request.