Well, this is really happy Easter. Yesterday I received my MDA Pro (HTC Universal) and I finally received some read out firmware of A910i. Merci beaucoup, gama!

OK, there are (as always) some bad points. I tried to run Linux/QTopia on my (still T-Mobile branded, but unlocked) MDA Pro, and I always get some “Kernel panic”message, what makes me kinda sad, as Windows Mobile isn't that good, Internet Explorer for example is just a horrible browser. But the device is a nice one, it is huge and heavy, but the keyboard is just wonderful. I think I'll flash it to some English “Crossbow”, and maybe I'll be able to run some Linux on it successfully (though the error might be due to my 4GB SD (not SDHC) card… but I don't know. BTW: does HTC-Linux support SDHC?

The bad thing about A910i firmware, is that I don't have much spare time ATM to really work on a FW… I might have time for trying to flash my A910 with parts of that A910i FW, but that's it, due to lots of University work.

I wish you all a happy Easter!

Boot messages of my Universal before Kernel panic:

Mounting SD card
Mounting root fs via loopback
Switching to new root
switch_root: bad init ‘/sbin/init'
[3.100000] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

And (repeated installation on “Crossbow”): While creating the partition, I get a warning: “Invalid tar magic”.