GeeksPhone, a Spain based, minor cellphone manufacturer focusing on open (and thus hackable) Android phones will release the successor to its first device, the “ONE”. The new device  has just been teased in a video on YouTube—which tells us the name of the product; it will be “ZERO”; GeeksPhone is believed to come up with a “TWO” later (in fact the “TWO” should be released in 2010, but was postponed)—the “ZERO” is going to be GeeksPhone's low end solution.

Watch the introductory video:

As one could already guess, the “ZERO” is going to be rather small; according to the GeeksPhone forum the device is going to feature a screen equivalent to the one of the HTC Legend, “same size, same resolution” -3,2”, HVGA. What's interesting is that the device benchmarked shows off the CyanogenMod7 bootscreen (3:11)—so it might run CM right of the box—which would be a nice thing for all of you that are like me accustomed to the CyanogenMod specific additions.

What else does this video tell about the “ZERO”? It runs NenaMark, an OpenGL ES 2.0 benchmark quite decently—~33 frames per second seems to be a nice result to me (in fact this is on par with a Desire HD on Froyo running this at WVGA resolution), though one has to be careful with interpreting this result; the rather low screen resolution has to be considered and it remains uncertain which iteration of Android the benchmarked device ran—Gingerbread (Android 2.3, which was announced to enhance game/graphics performance) is likely, but one can't tell for sure.

The SoC is, as the benchmark tells, a Qualcomm one with Adreno 200 graphics—and thus the SoC is either a QSD8250 (Snapdragon, ARMv7) or  (much more likely) a MSM7227 (ARMv6)—so it's none of the latest and greatest, which fits well to the screen size, which suggests once more that the “ZERO” (just like the “ONE” will be a low to mid end solution.