With FOSDEM, a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate in Brussels, Belgium, approaching (3rd & 4th February 2024), let's have a little preview on the talks and other things that are particularly exciting for #linuxmobile.

Main track (Sunday, 15:00 15:50)

The "FOSS on Mobile Devices" Track/Developer Room (Saturday)

Just like last two years, there's a specific room for the topic this blog is mostly about.

All talks of the track happen in Room H.1309 (Van Rijn) on Saturday, February 4th from 10:30 to 18:15, which is an upgrade from the half-a-day dev room last week. Every talk in this track is 25 to 40 minutes long.


TBD Make sure to check the Talk pages for links to chat rooms (Matrix) and live streams!

Other Tracks


Of course, there's a lot more, make sure to browse the full schedule on the Web or in an app like Kongress or Confy.

Suggestions beyond the obvious? Please get in touch and tell :D


Aside from the Fairphone talk that made the main track, here are some suggestions if you don't know what do to, listed in order of appearance:

But please don't forget about the meetup!


Now let's continue with what's mostly interesting for those who can make it to Brussels like me. Stands, where projects can showcase their stuff!

Also, let's not forget what FOSDEM is for: The hallway track, talking to people - that's what makes this better than a virtual conference.

Let's meet and (maybe) get a sticker

A pile of different phones running different Linux distros
A whole lot of Linux phones.

I (Peter) will be there, and if I am lucky, the stickers I forgot at home will be with me then, which I'll happily hand out :D For most of the Saturday, I'll be in the dev room.

I would like to hold a short meetup on Sunday, 2:00pm, at roughly this place outdoors. _It would be nice to meet some people I only know from the internet, so please come by!