I have to say that when I arrived at my parents yesterday evening, I was really tired. Somehow these trade fairs are really killing me, I guess it's all the devices to look for, all these people and the constant noise.

OLPC XO-1 I don't have to talk much about interesting Linux-powered smartphones, as I didn't see any. Wistron NeWeb was there, but they didn't show their GW4. The other stuff was quite boring, though hands on (e.g. Sony-Ericsson Xperia X1) is always nice. Concerning “UMPCs”, I was able to get my hands on EEE-PC (at ASUS they where running Windows on it…), Via Nanobook (at Linpus) and OLPC XO (OLPC Austria was a part of _Linux Park_). It was really nice to play around with XO, which is a really well engineered, beautiful device, though I soon realized that the keyboard isn't made for my hands.