I didn't write here for quite a long time—I didn't feel like writing about Linux on mobile devices—and: When there are no real news, why should I write something? Ok, my VIA-based Mini Note / Netbook is there and it is nice, though I wasn't able to add the touchscreen to it yet, as the onboard-usb has weird color codings and I don't want to brake it.

Since a few hours ago there is finally a A910 section on Motorolafans—that's great. But as there was an enourmous (in relation to before) amount of A910s being sold at ebay.co.uk the last week, I believe that it is a good idea to open a new section for a relatively old device. I just got my self a third one, so that I will have two A910s—one to use and one to “mod”.

This means: I'll go on with firmware modding, and I hope to release a new version of my modified A910 firmware in about two to four weeks. If you want to help me with this—please contact me—I would like to have somebody, who is able to work on shell scripts (not to complicated, but as i have no experience you could save me a lot of time.

Additionally I have been thinking of creating a wiki which documents Motorolas (A910 or EZX) firmwares lately, lists known bytes of ezx_flexbit.cfg and so on. If anybody has the time (and webspace) to do so, I would be very grateful, as I believe that such a wiki could become quite useful.

And if anybody has got ideas how to get this Motorola firmware to run faster (without overclocking, I tried some APMDs for RoKR E2 and they drained the battery in no time (and the phone was way too hot)), please, again: Contact me, please!