Thank you for coming by! Congress was a blast, despite the organizational mishap!

Hello 37c3! If you haven't heard of us, we're a collection of individual developers and self-organised projects working towards the end-goal of FREEING YOUR PHONE.

Due to miscommunication and a lack of tables, the assembly is not to be found on c3nav, check the assembly page for a hopefully up-to-date postion or ring one of us on DECT (9788 or 5253) if you want to meet up!

We're sick of our needs not being served, of our phones being hostile towards us, and of the eternal profit motive driving planned obselence and insecurity.

We believe that your phone should work for you; it shouldn't sap your attention with dark patterns, nor should it stop receiving security updates or replacement parts while still more than capable of serving your every day needs.

To this end, we work to enable support for our devices in the upstream Linux kernel, replacing the barely Linux vendor kernel (which is usually barely functional without proprietary Android-only userspace components).

We work on making Linux more convergent so that as we continue to grow, we can provide more and more apps which are actually usable. As well as building many, different, kinds of user interfaces.

A pile of different phones running different Linux distros
A whole lot of Linux phones.

Get involved

We need your help! Whether it's testing your next Linux app in a mobile form factor, working on support for a new device (or reviving an old one), testing our code, making awesome wallpapers, or something else entirely, together we can build a truly user-owned ecosystem.

Hardware vendors, hit us up

Whilst we always prefer to avoid building more future-landfill, if it's going to be done then it should be done properly. If you're trying to build a phone or tablet that truly respects its users, get in touch! You can contact Caleb (postmarketOS developer) on Matrix

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