Right now there are three devices on their way to me, and oddly enough, they all run on the same, dated SoC. Besides that, the three are pretty different: One runs Android (2.1), one webOS (2.1.0) and the third one a LiMo compliant operating system. Display resolutions differ, too: QVGA, HVGA and WVGA, while display sizes vary from 2.8” to 3.5”.

While there are tons of posts on my “to be done” list that I can write without a single new device, I felt like I would need some new hardware in my hands as the stuff I have is half dead—at CeBIT my G1's hardware keyboard broke, and my Pre (minus) has a broken headset jack and will be picked up for repair soon.

Wasting some money on low cost devices feels awkward—but well, for the money I spent on these three devices I could have bought one cheap (non dual-core) super phone, that's why I chose this option.