Another week has passed by and it is time for another round up of what happened.

Besides Android smartphone speculations and rumors (e.g. there will be a Samsung branded Android running smartphone as soon as Q3, but it will be just a Samsung branded HTC Sapphire / Magic device.. and Samsung Omnia HD might run Android, as well), there was really great news this week.

The OpenSource BlackBerry is great news, don't you think so?

Ok, might be that interesting for everybody. iPhone OS 3.0 isn't really Linux related, but as it is a competitor, it has to be mentionned. You should read engadget's mobile OS shootout.

What are further findings of this week?

Well, you should definitely read Andreas Costantinous opinion about the LiMo platform. I believe that LiMo's idea wasn't the worst we've ever seen (damn it, I still have to write that article about LiMo…), but now that we have several Linux based platforms like Android, Palm's WebOS and good old Maemo, that don't use the benefits of the LiMo platform, and as LiMo-based ALP and Azingo missed their timelines, they should definitely re-think their approach. The market doesn't wait.

Additionally I would like to link the Openmoko Community Update, but it isn't ready yet… Check out the latest Openmoko Community Updates!

[UPDATE 03/22/2009]

I was a little bit lazy yesterday, so enjoy two mobile internet experience related things that might interest you:

One more thing: Koolu has some more, newer Android beta images, featuring a new installation process and faster boot-up. But as they aren't officially announced (at least I couldn't find an announcement on, I would just recommend you to find them yourselves.. ;)